Friday, March 20, 2009

Courseware Project

Assignment 2

Working in small groups (5 people), students will design and develop a project-based multimedia educational application to meet specified educational goals for a specified audience of learners. A group project plan (including the project goals, a work plan for designing and developing the multimedia application to meet these goals, and a task list describing the responsibilities of each team member) should be submitted together with the end product.

A multimedia project will consist of the following team:
1- Producer
2- Project Manager
3- Subject Matter Expert
4- Instructional Designer
5- Multimedia Specialist

Development: 25%
1- Project specification:
Theme or concept
Objectives (purposes)
Equipment (the delivery system)
Storyboard - a schematic of screen-by-screen content and all multimedia effects you will employ. Show each screen with its graphic content in a sketch form.
Indicate the text, audio, and visual events that are to occur.

2- Model:
Decide on design features including fonts and font types, colors, graphics, animations, sound, and other information.

3- Write the content:
Develop the scripts from the storyboard. After you have a "rough draft," have someone else review and edit it, checking for content errors and any obvious spelling and grammatical errors or other problems.

Assignment 3

Production: 35%

Using the authoring/multimedia program of your choice, develop your instructional module. The module should be designed to provide a learning experience for the user, helping them to learn concepts and/or skills. The module should also be a self-running file when finished so the user does not need to have the software with which the module was created to run the module.

In the module, include:

Title screen
Introduction to the module
All of the elements discussed in the Multimedia Elements topic; text, graphics, animation, video, and audio.

The final group project will be demonstrated and peer evaluated during the last two class periods.

Submission in hardcopyand softcopy.

Topics of the assignment:
1. The Pillars of Islam
2. Umrah and Performing Umrah
3. Hajj and Performing Hajj
4. Forms of Pilgrimage : Tamattu', Ifraad and Qiran.
5. The day of Arafah.
6. Muzdalifah and Mina
7. Jamrah Al-Aqaba and the Jamaraat
8. Tawaf
9. The Sa'ie
10. Visiting the Prophet's Mosque
11.The Pillars of Iman
12. Solat Janazah (our group's topic)
13. The Kaaba
14. Hijr Ismail and Hajar aswad The Holy Stone
15. The Prophet's Hajj.
16. Other topics (Please get approval from instructor)